Saturday, October 23, 2010

translation of a babycut carrot

Shaved, I've heard. A big carrot cut to look younger.
There are realbaby carrots, but we don't buy them.

What do you suppose is wasted when a big carrot
with a dead spot is cut to make a cuter carrot?

Big carrots like that used to rot. Now--ugly carrots
are merely severed. Self-twinned, brightly naked-ed.

I miss the horizontals that made crooked carrots
difficult to peel, fissures dark with identity: "I am

root." These new shiny runts, these carrot shards,
deny connection to the earth, insisting they've been

shat straight out the infant ass of heaven. Known no
dirt. Heaven's crap's crap, I say, even in skinny neon glo.

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