Saturday, October 23, 2010

translation of a screw

103. air “screw” Ms. B f.38v.

“...then said screw will find
its [female] in air...” Not ground.
She's uncomposed of earth.

Is wood, perhaps, or wind.
Could “be [of] young fir” found.
Having fiber, small of girth.

Skin like cheesecloth, “for the trial
—use thin paper.” Escape of breath
Must be denied her. Starch her.

Must go at least a mile.
“ sure the force is rapid.” Wet.
“If not, waste no more time.” Discharge.

Without a center, this “instrument...
has little worth.” Inside her, a man
“...from the waist down” must be free.

Be free, then. Calculate the scent
and thickness of the air. Abandon.
Mount, and ride, her wingless body.

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