Monday, January 03, 2011


Watched Everything is Illuminated. Never read it. Thinking about the switch in narrative focus-- the sleight of hand. This is not about who you believe it to be about. Ever. History is not owned, it owns us. The ring is why they are there. Why Frodo exists, even when Frodo is Jonathan Safran Foer, minor character in the movie made from his novel.

And in the darkness bind them.

Also watched Coraline today, which scares Koen more than Lord of the Rings. Women-spiders. Poetry as a cord across the chasm, spanning it.

Also poetry wraps and devours its prey: content? knowing? as in, knowing what you are watching, thinking you understand what is before you.

Today read that early artists (cave-early) played the duck-rabbit trick with a bison-mammoth (placement of the eyes). I couldn't see it myself. Bait-and-switch. Is the possibility of recalibration of our understanding one of our best attributes? Our will to con-fusion? Ambivalence.

I hope so.

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