Wednesday, April 13, 2011

for those guys

whom I don't want anymore to worry about.
I won't worry about you and you will be able
to tell that by the way I am not worrying.

You will be able to look into my eyes if
that were something you could do, and see
that they are not focused on your jeans

fitting or being too skinny or the state of
higher education in your apartment. I am
not the kind of woman who is kind of

like a mother but also like a girlfriend only
funnier. I am not that funny and you can
tell this by me admitting it so flatly I must

be hoping. I have curves and these mean
something where they used to be and one
of the other unfunny things about me is

I'm old, almost fifty by which I mean okay
thirty-eight. I never told you you ought to
care because that would clash with you know

--The Giving Tree--and what I've learned
from other guys like you I've stopped giving
even a shit about, or reading their poems.

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