Thursday, April 14, 2011

for that girl

with the way about her I have only this to say:
I commend you. I commit you to me, I issue

you to my memory and charge, and I recommend you
highly, so highly I am Everest or a chasm -- a trench

inverted out of the Atlantic just to say how
I with fixation need speak of you. It is possible

I have my verbs wrong since I am not you, who
etymologically speaking, know. I just cannot say

enough about the way you have of making me
want to sing praise to hallelujah you, also ponder

on the things you do and have been loved for--to love you
right alongside everyone who has it so down, so right about

your deserving body of work, the whole
body of it, fallopian to fallacy, follicle to folio.

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