Monday, August 30, 2010

countdown 2344

St. Ipolyta chained herself to the sea turtles
St. Grale drank the water
St. Shutin became many things: look for him above the shifted poles
St. Thorax believed air should be free
St. Funicula ordered the interwebs and, in so doing, gained a schizophrenic nature that, is is said, became her
St Puria took in countless prostitots and taught them, instead, how to manufacture
St. Treddth lived on in the hearts of her followers after preemptively donating as many parts as she could-- a century later she was forgiven by the church her black market forays and, worse, her limblessness
St. Child ate space, his negative architecture becoming new-style mausoleums, which collapse in consideration of the living

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