Thursday, May 13, 2010

merry unbirthday

Ixet is a pretty girl with napkins.
What happens, she asks, when one is left
behind one's life?
She watches another, littler girl in a coffeeshop.
She is too young for coffee.
The woman she is with has bought her candy.
No girl is ever, ever too young for candy.

The apartment building on the corner has bars.
They are attractive bars, high end bars.
They are Frank Lloyd Wright bars.
Ixet thinks, for a Frank Lloyd Wright imprisonment?

She doesn't fit--Ixet.
She has too many limbs aching
in too many directions.
She would quarter herself if she had
that kind of horsepower. Instead
she takes long walks but insists she is no flaneur.
No, Ixet's leisure is not that type of leisure.
Ixet's isolation is not so hip and idiotic.
Ixet is merely paralyzed, and refuses
to view it as a plus.

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