Saturday, May 16, 2009

monologue of the inner warden

I was put here, facing in. To keep peace. Peace is the quality most revered in them that get out--their halo. I ensure it. You lose your selling point and what are you? I'm not them, not like'm at tall. I'm pushy and loud and they ain't s'posed to be tho some do pick that up. I get in trouble for my leaky behavior, but not too much. They wouldn't listen if I weren't insistent. If I weren't cruel. I say all sorts of things to keep'em pretty and kind. I tell'em what they'll be if they don't stay so. Nothing gets more airtime around here than words of shame. They're necessary and effective--I won't apologize for using the things. And yes I beat the ones forever staring out the one-window. They's the worst kind we make... all dopey all wishing. They's never happy in the outs. Always some other window, I'm guessing.

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