Wednesday, May 06, 2009

In the aftermath of the positions, bodies
I wonder how much walking and looking

What I mean is feel it, please
just feel it. Tell others that it
hurt you

that what hurt you was your ability
to idly go about your about and not view

others as deserving of, as undeserving
of will. They could not think they were
not dying

weeks of cold pain, naked floor, filth
disorientation which is a word signaling

and east is where god is sometimes in
the morning glimpsed by believers. I don't

who these persons are, I know that those
who flung them against flexible walls are

undeserving of this slaughter of things
cities were created out of, things no longer

the architecture is bowing. The struts will
snap. Fire is not this time arriving from
blue sky

The fire this time is in the flood is in
the cloth is over the face. Nothing puts it

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