Tuesday, May 19, 2009

jesus for fun

If I cry on a Thursday, then the angels have to eat meat. Angels are pretty much vegetarian, except when I flummox them in this way. It is an obscure by-law and they get incredibly annoyed. Certain angels opt for sushi but really that's cheating, the actual scripture reads: flesh from a hooved male quadraped. Their teeth really weren't developed for this. They lack canines. Their teeth, in actuality, are kind of soft and roundish like pearls. It's for all the in-house kissing they do--they are more than a little repulsive, if you ask me. I am always manufacturing things on Wednesday nights to send me into a tantrum of temple proportions the next morning. On Fridays, as a bonus, when almost all of them are constipated, I brew weak coffee.

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