Wednesday, April 29, 2009

rework 1

The translations have ceased.
The first wave of contractions was followed
by a tightening of border security.

The general feeling was
a reverse of globalization to be
possible even preferable
to continued terrorisms
and also to sharing.

Those already in dispute over
territories were locked in a room with
a shovel or a match depending on custom.

Soon nation-states were again intact
but certain internal dialects made things
uneasy. An abolition of the spoken word
was followed directly by the written
and finally, acronym.

The linguistic armistice made every
communication face-to-face, a sort of
dance which led to problems
of form, type, and technique.

We were told to stop moving
to avoid altercations already physical
in nature. It took great practice and
restraint, but in our voluntary catatonia
we have found a kind of harmony: that of
stone withdrawal, that of monument.

We stand where we once
lived, outside war.

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