Wednesday, April 01, 2009


In the poetry room

eye may vivisect eye

scoop flesh from prior to lens

unlace vein

eye may not may

not disarticulate mine

and you are mine

I have locked this door

against you a decade

lain against you

for a decade our skins

breathe against intact

one another, sheers

windowless poetry room

sharps are too many and pretty

wires dead cells phones files

here I cannot protect

eye instrument

interrogative of decades

If I let you enter it is

to ophelia you into a woman

who would have me if

I only decided how cruel

and stopped cutting


the flowers but if I have you

here to excavate ethics

are unnecessary extravagant

in the face of

your face which is caves

In this room I can't help but

begin have begun, eye dug

eye pickaxe eye shovel

salt water I am well up to

my knees already exploring your

pled-dark your muffled


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