Tuesday, March 24, 2009

cistern2: On children

P: I don't find infants entirely interesting.
D: You wouldn't.
P: I mean, perhaps evolutionarily...
D: Child is the mother of the woman?
P: Something like that.
D: Is it about communication? Because they can communicate.
P: I know, it's just not--
D: --entirely interesting. Well, it is, actually.
P: I know.
D: Theoretically. Pre-linguistically. Goo.
P: Yes.
D: You are lonely with them.
P: Yes, that too.
D: You're lonely by yourself, aren't you?
P: That's the definition.
D: I don't know definitions, just that I am not lonely.
P: Because you're always in community.
D: How do you mean?
P: When you make. You make with people, for people, on people.
D: And you?
P: I just create.
D: Sounds empty.
P: Yeah. Sometimes. Sometimes I get to share. Mostly not.
D: And when you do?
P: It can feel forced, like it isn't its nature.
D: What's nature?
P: The nature of words.
D: It isn't the nature of words to be shared?
P: No. There's this ownership thing with naming.
D: There is this ownership thing with bodies.
P: But we know that's wrong.
D: Do we? You always did think you were the special case.
P: Aren't I?
D: No. Everyone gets lonely.
P: You said you didn't.
D: No, I said I am not, different thing. I am not lonely. Not an identity. I get lonely, a condition.
P: Children are like that for me--a condition.
D: I know. It's sad.

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