Friday, February 27, 2009

Tree made a living. Most artists who'd made it through the conservatories did. A majority worked for verts. The logos were damn well-wrought, and the number needed was astonishing. Since the corporations changed/tweaked them every few months for maximal consumer effect (keeping every icon recognizable yet fresh), the work was a steady stream of theme and variation. Perfect for OCD types, a substantial portion of her peers. The stars of the conservatories received governmental patronage upon graduation. They worked independently... then showed their work to the funding boards and, if deemed worthy, they exhibited.

Tree was just finishing her preparations for her fourth show in twice as many years. Today was the day she would gesso over her final canvas. Two days from now, her erasures would be on display in the gallery district. The funding board had paid her amply this time around for her withholding. She knew the work had been good--that she had been onto something.

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Sian said...

I'm sensing a new novel in the works--hooray!!