Saturday, August 23, 2008

Given permission to say I said
and it looked bad. I opened the hamper
and things were not simply mildewed but laced with disturbingly
intricate molds. My sister died in one of my deep
dreams and that was my fault too although
everyone said cancer in that way they do--all
hushed then surprised and then which kind how long what
treatment who is that pallbearer, cute! She
was so light you know at the end.

It was a long trip to the swimming pool yesterday
so we skipped it because of the heat. The children
were convinced it would've been okay once we'd gotten
there, but having children is to optimize endlessly I mean
to the point of schmaltz. I don't want to
be inside a cave. I'll admit it's cooler. The water
you can see with flashlights is clear as windex if
it weren't blue and doesn't smell like any
kind of clean I've made.

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